Psoriasis Treatments

Psoriasis is a very unpleasant-looking and irritating skin disease. Usually it appears as reddish, scaly patches on the scalp, and this skin ailment sometimes spreads to other parts of the head. Although it poses no threat to life psoriasis still brings a great deal of misery. People become very self-conscious if their appearance is disfigured by disease. Even though psoriasis cannot be passed between persons not everyone knows this fact. Many seem to look at it as a form of leprosy so they don’t want to get too close to a psoriasis sufferer.

Medical experts don’t know for sure what causes psoriasis but they suspect it may be hereditary. They also think that it is linked with some defect in the immune system. Although there is no known cure many measures can be taken to control the disease and reduce the suffering.

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Will a change in diet help?


There is some evidence that weight reduction reduces psoriasis risks and makes the condition less severe. Since weight loss has many other benefits to the body there is everything to gain from adopting a more healthy diet.


Can meditation and exercise really help relieve psoriasis?


Some alternative medicine experts recommend mediation as a way to reduce stress and eventually relieve psoriasis. Others praise exercise as the most effective stress reducing tool. There is no firm medical evidence that these methods work but there is nothing to lose from giving them a try


What conventional psoriasis medicines are available?


The FDA authorizes several kinds of psoriasis medications, including Salicylic acid and various kinds of steroids. The patient needs to rub the ointment into their scalp for maximum effectiveness. It often takes as long as two months for the ointment to clear the psoriasis. Shampooing the hair regularly with a medicated shampoo also helps.


How about herbal cures for psoriasis?


Despite the lack of firm scientific evident attempts to relieve psoriasis through herbal medications are very popular. Suggested herbal medications include rubbing the scalp with Australian tree oil and taking a bath in oats. Some claim that psoriasis outbreaks can be kept under control by adding the turmeric herb to foods, but the FDA warns you that more than three grams of turmeric each day could be dangerous. Some psoriasis sufferers find adding Dead Sea salts to cold baths removes scaling and relieves psoriasis itches.


Is psoriasis a painful disease?


The pain primarily takes an emotional form with the sufferer upset over their hideous appearance. Usually they have to cope with an awful itching sensation that is sometimes so strong that they cannot get to sleep at night. Lack of sleep adds to the stress psoriasis sufferers endure. Some of them might also experience temporary hair loss from scratching at infected parts of their scalp.


How are severe cases of psoriasis treated?


Some doctors recommend steroid injections. Sometimes they suggest exposing the infected skins areas to ultra-violet light. If these treatments are done consistently they can have a degree of success. Another conventional medical approach involves oral medication. However, some of these medicines have their own dangers with liver damage one of the most frightening possible side effects. For these reasons, only consider taking treatments under the care of a psoriasis specialist.


Are there any safe psoriasis treatments using easily available materials?


Believe it or not rubbing the scalp with cooking oil is one of the traditional ways of treating psoriasis. Believers claim that this is just as good as the moisturizers sold in pharmacies. Since keeping the scalp well-moistened helps control psoriasis cooking oil might be just as effective as those more expensive pharmaceutical products. Cold showers of less than ten minutes also seem to help, but hot baths are a definite “No Go” area for psoriasis sufferers.

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