How to reduce blood sugar levels

Ordinary people in western countries now have access to a greater amount and variety of foods than the very wealthy enjoyed in previous generations. Abundant food supplies contribute to a rise in life expectancy but they also bring in their wake serious health problems. An increase in diabetes rates is one of the most disturbing side effects of this affluent society. A study made a couple of years ago reveals that almost half of Americans are diabetics or very close to becoming diabetics. The rise in the percentage of juvenile diabetes is particularly upsetting to see. Scientists and doctors who study this health problem agree that diet and lifestyle are the chief causes of high blood sugar levels in the USA and Western Europe. In poorer Southern Europe a healthier Mediterranean diet with olives, grapes and other natural foods leads to a much lower incidence of diabetes.

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Which foods help improve blood sugar levels?


Try and include in your diet low glycemic foods such as stone-ground wheat. Dieticians also recommend including foods rich in chromium and magnesium. Chromium-rich foods include whole grains, nuts and broccoli. Magnesium-rich foods include fish, bananas and avocados. Natural food enthusiasts also suggest you take cinnamon powder and sticks and eat fenugreek seeds.


What type of foods should be avoided by someone who wants to reduce their blood sugar level?


Nobody enjoys giving themselves insulin injections. It is much better to avoid this situation in the first place through changes in diet. Start with a major reduction in carbohydrates. Take great care to avoid high glycemic foods like white bread and popcorn.


What should someone do if they find their blood level is as high as 350 mg/dL?


This is a life threatening situation. Without hesitation call the emergency medical services for assistance — in the USA call 911, and in the UK 999.


What are the dangers of high blood sugar levels?


High blood sugar (also known as glucose) occurs when the body cannot produce the insulin it requires, or when the body no longer responds to the insulin it produces. Eye damage and heart disease and even kidney failure and diabetic comas occur if this health problem is not effectively handled.


What is the ideal blood sugar level?


The American Heart Association (AHA) states that before meals blood sugar should be in the range of 70 to 130 mg/dL, and it should not go above 180 mg/dL after a meal.


How does a diabetic control their blood sugar levels?


They need to regularly monitor blood sugar levels and inject themselves with the insulin their body requires.


What other mealtime policy helps reduces blood sugar levels?


In addition to the type of foods to avoid and those it is good to eat, the amount you eat is also very important. Try to reduce portions or serve food on smaller plates. Some people even weigh food to make sure they keep within a strict diet. While it is not so great to still feel a bit hungry after a meal it is much better than having to get an insulin shot.


How can a good night’s sleep help improve blood sugar ratings?


When your parents urged you to go to bed at a reasonable hour they really did have your interests at heart. Scientists now know for certain that a good night’s sleep improves your body’s ability to process insulin and so keep blood sugar at a healthy level.


Does exercise have a part to play in keeping blood sugar levels low?


Exercise improves the body’s abilities to process food and this helps reduce sudden rises in blood sugar levels. The AHA recommends at least half an hour a day exercise five days per week. Going to a gym, swimming, cycling and walking are the most common exercise choices. A diabetic should always consult with their doctor or diabetics specialist before starting an exercise plan.

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